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Craft Profile: Kati Patang from Bhutan

Nestled atop in the Himalayas at 10,334 feet and brewing with the purest of the waters available, Kati Patang, a brand imagined and developed in India and being brewed at Ser Bhum Brewery in Bhutan gives the perfect kick before you actually pop the crown from its bottle! Ser Bhum Brewery has entered the Indian market in an unique way and through contract brewing for Kati Patang’s Zesty Amber Ale.

Kati Patang Ale bottled at Ser Bhum Brewery Bhutan

Kati Patang was launched in India with a lot of zest and enthusiasm in 2018 by Empyrean Spirits Pvt Ltd. The branding, packaging and the website all curtail in a story that talks about the passion these guys have for their perfectly brewed craft from one of the finest available sources of water. Water being the most essential part of beer and which would essentially dictate the taste of the beer, it is critical that the source is pure and be available for consumption. A slight change in sources can immediately affect your market consumption pattern.

Similar to the pattern that India has been witnessing in the Craft Beer industry, Bhutan too has been witnessing an uproar in their local craft beer industry. With the country now slowly opening up from earlier being a very traditional and closed economy, business enthusiasts are scraping up moments to grab the opportunity.

Bottle Size is 330 ml | ABV is 4.8% (<5%) classified as Mild | IBU is indicated to be 12 – 15

Branding at Kati Patang

The brand launched late last year has been up on its brand awareness campaign with a bang and has garnered huge fan following within a couple of months of launch. The beer is currently available at ~35 outlets and ~30 stores in Delhi region. It has plans of further launching the brand in Bengaluru, Goa and Maharashtra.

A complete review of its tasting has been up on Tales of Froth at

Immaculate Brand images @iamkatipatang on Instagram

Ser Bhum Brewery, Bhutan

Logo depicting a golden vase with froth head at the top

“Ser Bhum” literally translates to “Golden Vase”, and it is one of the eight lucky signs of Bhutan. The Ser Bhum logo provides an image of an opulent serving vessel, demonstrating our brewery’s hospitable nature and willingness to share its bounty with all. The hint of foam at the top of the vase suggests a large serving vessel and a bountiful source of quality beer suitable for sharing. Their brewery is located in Hongthso, a hamlet nestled away from the cities and closest to the purest source of water available for brewing.

Their own variants of beers celebrate the colors of Bhutan and carry the symbols of the country. Their variants of craft beer are

Ser Bhum’s Craft Beer variants available in Bhutan

Anyone of our friends from Delhi region having tasted this craft beer are welcome to note down their comments below.

Stay High. Cheers!

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